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Be like before please ?

Honestly this entry for all my best friends ,
As a students i spent a lot of time with my friends until i can contrast friends and best friends but the most important that i know is i really love my friends but today i want to write about my best friends and it is so random hehehehe

Doing a lot of stupid things alone is not fun yeah we need someone with us hmm hmm but it was very sad if the person that you always together became stranger and you become awkward with them . Omg i really hate that situation since i was in this case . I feel this year 2014 is so hard to me , too much things change all my friends gone , friends become strangers and best friends become enemies . Please to me all this problem can be settle but many of my friends keep giving the same excuse as ''we gonna face the spm we must struggle and stop fooling around'' please i really hate this reasons hmm i just want my old friends that always here with me that always wechat and whatsapp with me about stupid things , i really miss that friends but now we always have difference opinion and why we cannot be like before just accept and overcome the problem hmm i really miss all that . I lost my friends , she did not recognise which one friend and which one is enemy that she must avoid but its okay i hope she happy with her new life . 

Sometimes power and ranking make people change , friends become stranger . Forget about your friends and keep 'gila kuasa' . I really sad because you change because that power zzz i hate you now . Hmmm , next because a simple reasons you and your friend not friend but best friend become enemy . Friend please take a action , i know you are so stubborn but did you want the friendship gone as easy as that hmm please take action guys i really love both of you and i want us gather like before eating and doing all things together hmm please i am begging . Lastly , to my friends i really all of you and i want you to be like old of you , as old buddyz , as old you when form 2,3 and 4 hmm and my best friends from form 1 hmm i hope you still remember me and our memories and i still can google our memories hmm . Okay thats all for today bye muahh 

Your friend 

I am sorry for my fault in grammar and language 

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