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Hai gaisss,
Today i want to write entry in english . Hmm i just want to improve my vocab and grammar since i will face the exam nest week erggh my english's result is so embarrassing zzzzz kay malas dah ai nak speaking hiksss i just need to be more diligent to read excellent essay and reading the vocabulary .

Gaisss, im form 5 noww i will ended my school just in few months heheheehe cant wait siaa precious moments that must be captured lol but my grade is so bad ehh im sorry if my entry is mix with bahasa melayu and english . i bukan nk try jadi sampah kepe tapi hmm sedih ahh perkataan basic pun kekadang lupa hmm hmm tkpe i will improve it hiksss pray for me gaisss 

Feeling that been given by Allah to us are very valuable and we must be grateful such as friends . My every entry just mention about my friends because to me they are everything since i am stay at the hostel so friends are the most closely person with us that we share story . As a friend , i will always make sure i am not hurting my friends feeling or whatever that they hate because i really love them . I have many friends since i am a very genial and loves to say hi to everybody hiksss 

in a nut shells , i want to say i love my friends 

Adding hmm actually many friends that i am not uploading the pictures sorry please dont grieving . muahhhxx

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